Cultivating a Career for Media Composers

Designed for early-career and aspiring media composers, orchestrators, composer assistants, interns, recent graduates, and all interested.

Why is it vital to write unique, distinctive music for film, TV and games

How to get scoring jobs in film and games

How to stay relevant to your contacts and grow your client base

How to get top industry professionals to actually listen to your demo

The self-teaching composer: methodology of reading orchestral scores

The self-teaching composer: methodology of film score analysis (harmony, form, thematic development, emotional arc, arrangement, style, aesthetics)

"In between jobs" - composing self-designed assignments, and expanding one's skill set

How to compose masterful and imaginative music when bound by a temp score and "temp love"

Q and A

(Total length: 1hr 50mins)

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What Hollywood composers are saying about Penka:

"An artist of uncommon talent and passion … The Woman Astronaut is luminous and inviting work." – John Debney (The Passion of the Christ, Iron Man 2)

"A composer of beautiful, majestic and haunting music" – Brian Tyler (Iron Man 3, Fast & Furious franchise)

Table of Contents:

[Main Masterclass - Duration 1 Hour]

* The Core Questions

* Cultivating An Individual Style

* Score Reading & Analysis

* Analysis of Thematic Development

* Temp Scores * Skills For A Successful Career

* Composing Style

* Collaborative Skills

* Technical Fluency

* Business Acumen

* What Fuels Your Career

* Inspiring Others To Help You

* Getting A Scoring Job

* Will You Listen To My Demo?

* Takeaways

[Q&A Segment - Duration 50 minutes - List of Questions]

1. What are some mistakes commonly made by inexperienced composers?

2. How important is it to go to a Film-Scoring program?

3. What advice would you give a fresh graduate or someone without much work experience?

4. What are some advantages in starting out as a composer’s assistant?

5. How long does it take a composer to establish a sustainable career in media composing?

6. How would you approach a genre of music that is unfamiliar to you?

7. How do you deal with writer’s block?

8. How do you deal with writing large amounts of music in short periods of time?

9. How do samples play a part in achieving the desired sound or style required of a project?

10. What is your approach to conceptualizing a new piece of music or project?

11. Do you prefer writing in notation program vs a DAW?

12. How important is it for media composers to learn about the physical limitations of instruments?

13. How important is it for you to listen to realistic samples during the scoring process?

14. How does your cultural identity play a role in shaping your music and career?

15. Would you recommend a composer who is not from the US to move to LA?

16. What are some of the challenges working on multi-cultural/international collaborations?

17. What advice can you give on seizing global opportunities?

18. What is your experience dealing with scoring orchestras globally?

19. What is your take on using social media as a promotional tool?

20. What is your take on budgets and industry standard rates?

21. Conclusion: Embracing Collaboration

Bonus / Extra Materials from Penka's Award Winning Albums:

01 Woman Astronaut Score PDFs and mp3s
02 Warrior's Odyssey Score PDFs and mp3s
03 Taking Flight - Theme development
Taking Flight Theme PDF

TWA 08 Taking Flight score PDF

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